RiseUP TV Unveils Their New Ride

A Game-Changer for the Cast and Crew of The Reality TV Series.

VICTORIA, British Columbia – Feb. 13, 2023 – PRLog — Years of preparation and planning led to this proud moment of great happiness for one big family: RiseUP TV, finally have their own tour bus. The reality world of television is about to get much better with their new tour bus, which will allow RiseUP TV the convenience to cover more tours and generate more income.

A state-of-the-art bus which by the way will cost somewhere between $300 and $400 to fill up depending on the state or province. This deal has been in the making for over one year, RiseUP TV creators Jimmy Allan Sine and Mark Rosner finally found the bus that felt like home and they jumped at the opportunity.

This bus will mainly be operating between Nashville and LA depending on the time of year but can go anywhere in North America if required. What this tour bus means is that now this reality tv tour can film more tours with convenience and go anywhere, anytime, without expecting any setbacks or restrictions. This directly translates to the quality of the film tours you are about to get—they will be epic and of the highest standards you could imagine!

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