Rachel Dara – “Broken Friendships” – Released on February 17th

Rachel Dara‘s new single, “Broken Friendships” is dropping on February 17th. This is the fifth single release from her debut album, The Next BIG Invention. Rachel Dara is an unstoppable force.

MONTREAL – Feb. 15, 2023 – PRLog — Rachel Dara has taken the music industry by surprise with her distinct genre-fusing style, a powerful and uncontainable voice and range, and her ability to transform stories into melodies with near universal appeal. Reshaping the way we look at music with her distinctly genre-fusion style, Rachel’s tunes are driven by the core of indie folk and fuse a host of other strands, which has certainly allowed her to have that across-the-board appeal.

Love has always been the purest form of energy. Music is the universal language that everyone has the capacity to understand, and together, it makes for the perfect recipe for unification. Rachel has a new single, “Broken Friendships” off of her upcoming album, “The Next Big Invention” and it is set to officially release on February 17th, 2023.

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