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Dusty Marcus

And so it began.
Dustin was born in Cape Town, South Africa and immigrated to Canada as a young child in 1981. Dustin started off writing short stories in public school, his grandfather taught him the basics of playing the acoustic guitar with just three chords. An A, a G and a C. From that moment on he was hooked.

He started writing short stories in public school which progressed to poetry in early high school. This progressed to writing music. He started playing guitar with a high school friend in grade nine.

The Survivorz

Many years later he reunited with that same friend and along with a few very trusted close friends he formed a band called “The Survivorz”. Playing lead guitar was the late Mike Palmer. Dustin wrote the songs but it was the talent of the band that carried it forward. They were able to record some great music that can be found online to this very day.

Decay and the Retribution
It’s very interesting that many of the people in Dustin’s life have been there since he was a teenager or even longer. The band “Decay and the Retribution” remained together for about 8 years and performed a number of shows in London and throughout South Western Ontario. After a couple of years there was a change up in the group. This resulted in a few band members leaving. The genre of music played by the band changed at that time and they went from mainly a rock and folk rock band to a folk and blues band with Dustin playing the folk section of the show followed by a blues section in which he played the bass guitar. He was joined in the band by his son Josh who played keyboards and once in a while his son Brandon played on drums. The band remained together for about 8 years.

2021 saw DustyMarcus release 3 singles and the album “A Long Time Ago”. He is once again playing along side his son on keyboards. We would like to welcome Johnny Craig to the DustyMarcus crew! Johnny is an all amazing musician, his specialty is drums but he is an amazing guitar player and a certified producer.

2021 also saw him joining with Big Records in partnership with Sony/Orchard records. He has been welcomed in to RiseUp TV and toured with RiseUp throughout Ontario in December 2021.

2022 saw him touring the East coast of Canada along with RiseUp. It also saw his first release with Big Records “Take it Down”. He continues to play gigs throughout Southwestern Ontario and he is getting back into the studio getting ready for the next release!

2023 and beyond…
2023 is shaping up to be very exciting. DustyMarcus will be touring with RiseUp once again and heading to New Zealand, Alberta Canada, South Africa and the UK!!

He has the pleasure of working with Garnet Bruce (A longtime ago) and Tim Steinruck (The Mighty One). He has also been working very closely with Jan Cooper from Cooper Studios. Jan has worked with many of the industries top producers and writers including Loverboy, Whitesnake, Grammy award winning producer Bob Rock and many others. They are very excited to be working with so many extremely talented musicians and producers!!!