Marie Norris

Marie Norris

Music Genre(s): Country, Country Pop

Marie Norris is a truck driver and Nashville Recording Artist who owns her own independent label for album and single releases called being Tru Sound Records. Her favorite Musical Artist/Person of all time is Barbara Mandrell and there is a pretty awesome story behind the reasoning of that, she’s loved her since birth and pretty much wanted to be just like her.

In Marie’s own words: I write or co-write all of my songs that I record, I’m involved in every aspect of the production and creative process and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m a huge fan of Elvis Presley and really who isn’t, he’s like the biggest star ever! I work for Christenson Transportation which helps to fund my projects and pays the bills until my Music takes off. I’m hard working, determined, strong willed and bluntly honest. Deep down I’m tender but can also be tough when needed. I try to live by the golden rule, I’m not out here to hurt or walk on anyone, I’m here to help as much as I can while also achieving my own success. I do at least 20 shows a year and mostly at truck shows or related in some form to the industry! I have recently started doing some regular gigs as well slowly branching out a little bit more.

Marie Norris is a current member of the CMA. Stay tuned for more in the works that are on the way!






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