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Tim Steinruck

* Keep It Simple * Rock Hard * Transform Lives *

I’m passionate about music, and people. At age 18, armed with a childhood dream, and a Highschool diploma, I joined the rock and roll traveling circus, and toured, and toured, and toured some more. Life University. The School Of Hard Knocks. Yeah, all that, and more. A few years later I signed a recording and management deal with Paul Stanley of KISS. Yes, Grunge may have cut that dream short, but now that I’d had a taste, there was no turning back, and again, what I’d learned was priceless.

Through many starts and stops, wins and losses over the years, I finally created a hard-rocking band called The Mighty One. At first, it was just me, but soon I began to build an army that continues to expand.

At that time I also became an entrepreneur in Vancouver’s film industry and literally began to “clean up” with a successful multi-seven-figure cleaning business. However, a decade later, I suddenly realized I’d lost my way. What I’d created to support my music career had now consumed my life, and my world began to crumble, inside and out. I needed to let it go… again.

Today I lead a record company, a reality television show, and an independent multi-media network. I have produced and released multiple albums of my own and for others. I am passionate about songwriting, performing, and supporting, and guiding independent music artists’ careers.

I am also committed to the study of human psycho-spirituality and the power of discipline and purpose. My journey to becoming a certified Accelerated Evolution (TM) Success Coach not only transformed my life but also continues to transform the lives of those I serve. Armed with these priceless life lessons and gifts, I stand here now, committed to supporting others to create their legacy, as I continue to expand my own.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Lao Tzu


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