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Seems Like Tuesday

Founded in June 2022, Seems Like Tuesday is an original rock band out of New Jersey, who seem to have captured lightning in a bottle. These five veteran musicians have produced two singles whose videos have drawn attention from industry insiders and have become staples of internet radio station playlists all over the world. Their eclectic songwriting styles, musical versatility, and multiple vocals have left audiences at their live shows blown away by their powerful and energetic sets. The band’s various influences include Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, No Doubt, and Pearl Jam, to name a few. Their music has been categorized as 90s pop rock, adult alternative, and classic rock with a touch of country. Through all of these genres, the band has created a signature sound.

At the end of 2022, the band set out to record their first EP, later deciding to slowly release each song as a single along with a video. They chose Philadelphia’s Cambridge Sound Studio for the main recordings and used The Opera House for some added bits and pieces. Tony Mecca jumped on board to produce with Jim Salamone behind the controls to mix and master. As the song catalog continues to grow, the band will be spending the rest of 2023 in the studio and playing live shows. Stick around for what’s to come from Seems Like Tuesday!

Seems Like Tuesday is:

  • Erica Gagliardi – Lead and backing vocals, percussion
  • Billy Zeoli – Lead and backing vocals, guitars
  • Pete MacGregor – Lead and backing vocals, guitars
  • Chip Michael – Bass and backing vocals
  • Steve Tabilio – Drums, percussion, and backing vocals