Sue's Story

Bent, Bruised, Abused, but Not Broken

The Susan Dealy story is a candid account of the author’s often tumultuous life, including her twenty years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces, where she suffered appalling sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, as well as being the victim of several online romance scams that diminished both her finances and her trust.

Susan also shares some of her happier moments, such as taking a one-year program at Carver Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia at age forty-five, and a subsequent trip to Nigeria, fulfilling her lifelong dream to do missionary work in Africa.

Bent, Bruised, Abused but Not Broken

The Susan Dealy Story also includes information and tips – from Susan and others who fell prey to internet dating deception—so that you can recognize these types of scams and protect yourself.

This touching and tragic memoir – also told through poignant poetry – is also a story of inspiration, faith, courage, and hope, with a beautiful message that it is possible to turn your mess into a message.

Susan Dealy is a woman who has been blessed with many gifts in her life. She was born and raised in a small town of 905 people. From 1976-1996 Sue was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and from 1996-present she is a Home Care Worker and Entrepreneur.

From 2008-2016, she was a member of a Non-profit charity organization called CHAMA, helping to empower women in Africa so that they may live better lives.

It was her obsession for improving the quality of life for people in Africa, that compelled her to seek out others who shared her passion in this regard.

In 2011,she watched a Television documentary about a young man who had survived the Sudanese Civil War. His courage, faith, indomitable spirit and unconquerable instinct to survive touched her deeply. From within herself Sue heard a still, small voice guiding her to reach out and find him. With God’s guidance, she found Riiny Ngot and together, they have and will continue to make a positive difference.

Sue has had many challenges in her life and when most people would not have survived what she went thru she has come thru these challenges with flying colors and made her life better. Her heart’s desire and passion is helping those in need and helping empower, encourage, uplift and build up people when others knock them down. When you meet her and she tells you her story, you will be deeply moved, inspired, and you will know that IF SUE CAN DO IT… I CAN DO IT ALSO.

Her Favorite Motto is:


Poetry to Heal By

During my life, I have experienced a great deal of trauma, which began from the early age of 16. I only recently realized the extent of it and have since remembered more abuse that I had to endure. It is my desire to touch the hearts of people and to let them know that there is love, there is hope, there is happiness and, most importantly, there is healing.

I am driven to help others heal and feel better about themselves.

I turned my Mess into a Message and you can too.

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