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Bruce Coughlan

It’s all about the Song! A career songwriter and recording artist residing in British Columbia, Bruce Coughlan is a vocalist, multi instrumentalist and composer with over four decades of professional experience. An expressive singer and rock-solid guitarist (flat-pick & fingerstyle), Bruce sports an extensive repertoire spanning an array of Roots music genres including Celtic, Bluegrass, Americana, Folk, Maritime, Blues & more. Performing solo or in an ensemble, Bruce delivers great songs & stories expertly. He has written hundreds of songs and performed at thousands of venues, ranging from theatres and folk clubs around the globe to a Canada Day performance on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Bruce is regularly a featured artist at festivals, concerts, arts presentations, community and corporate events. He has performed in eight provinces and one territory, 38 states and has toured the United Kingdom on a dozen occasions. Since recording his first LP in 1984, he’s recorded 14 albums of his original and adapted traditional music across a broad range of the Roots Music genre. Bruce might be best recognized for his historically based ballads, written on Pacific Canadian themes. He has been the composer and lead singer of Tiller’s Folly for over two decades.

Bruce is sought after as a producer and songwriter. He is constantly pushing his artistic envelope to share new songs and grows collaborations with artists. In 2017 Bruce released a solo album, Waiting for Rain that was broadcast at Onstage TV at Hubcast Studios; and to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary Bruce toured with The Great Canadian Songbook with Tiller’s Folly, Ken Lavigne and Diyet and in 2018 he produced Voices for the Salish Sea with The Wilds. Throughout 2020, Bruce has honed his skills as a solo guitarist, creating an entirely new host of arrangements in DADGAD guitar tuning and embracing his Celtic Music Roots with programs Address to Robbie Burns and The Humours of Ireland.