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Recording Artist & Actor D'Breeon - Bryant Michael Davis

D’Breeon’s music shines through innovation and the ability to blend contemporary music styles including soul, jazz, and R&B and now most recently Christian Hip Hop as he has consistently charted in the top 10 for 2022 with “Go Loco” and “DNA” from the ‘Take The Time’ album released in 2020. Since 1999 D’Breeon has been nominated for 8 Grammys.

Alongside his performing, D’Breeon also worked as a producer/engineer with a variety of record companies including Chi Sound Records, EMI, Sony, Warner Brothers, Universal Music Group, Altar Records, Masonic Music, Quick Silver, Big Sound Records, Rite 1, Hollywood Headliner and currently with Parrea Breeon Music.

D’Breeon’s album “Where The Party” came out in 2013 and provided listeners with a new glimpse into jazz hip hop extended play mix. Classic piano and saxophone drive new school melodies and lyrical content, providing a bridge between old and new. D’Breeon’s songs “Call Her”, “Hollywood Girl”, “Greatful” have been nominated for Grammy consideration.

The “World” album was introduced in 2015 – Urban Praise: Positive Music. This is a new style of R&B that makes Urban Sounds stand still while the Word rides them like a wave. Check out this new style of Power Positive Music. It took Gospel to a new level. In 2018 D’Breeon wrote and produced another Urban Praise album – “Be Blessable”. This is an album based on the importance of not complaining.

At the start of the pandemic In 2020 D’Breeon released “Take the Time” with Hollywood Headliner Inc.. This new album delivered urban house music in the traditional r&b/jazz flavor seasoned with the new style created by Brant Michael Davis himself and settled into the‘Christian Hip Hop’ genre.

2023 and he is back to launch new songs through his label BIG Records. Stay tuned for more!