Lady Miranda

Lady Miranda

Music Genre(s): Pop, R&B, Rap

Lady Miranda is a multi-award winning multi-genre singer/songwriter. She won the award for Single of the Year for her song titled, “Game of Love” for 2023 through the International Singer Songwriter Association, and an award for the hip-hop/rap category from Akademia music awards for her song “One by One.” She has always had a passion for writing and began writing poetry in her childhood. She officially became a songwriter in 2009. As a vocalist, Lady Miranda has been a lead, supporting, and guest singer in local bands around the Seattle area. While Lady Miranda is known for her smooth vocals and ability to hit high notes, she is no stranger to rap music and has written several rap songs with her soulful Latina flair.

These days, she is focused on building a more positive and inclusive music community in her area and has taken on the role of representative for the Seattle area with the International Singer Songwriter Association. She loves to give back by mentoring other singers who are still learning to find their voice and helps them prepare for singing competitions and stage performances. She is also determined to show that chasing your dreams is possible no matter your circumstances.

Lady Miranda also uses her writing skills to write memoirs, and has published her first book titled, “Calling Them by Name.” She uses her music as a way of speaking life into her experiences, but also writes songs that are extremely relatable to a variety of people.

Lady Miranda has done live performances around the Seattle area, as well as in New Mexico, Colorado, and Las Vegas. She is driven by the passion to create and loves to share her love for music with people from all walks of life.






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