Michael Botte Band

Michael Botte Band

Music Genre(s): Alt Country, Rock

Michael Botte is a Big Records recording artist and chart-topping singer/songwriter born and raised in a small steel town along the Ohio river outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Currently, Michael Botte resides near Philadelphia, PA.

After a few early attempts of getting a band together in Oakland, CA in the mid-2000’s, the Michael Botte Band was born in Philadelphia in 2020 during the Covid-19 quarantine. In a time of confusion and chaos, Michael Botte wanted to create something positive evoking the music that had been growing inside him for years. So, Michael Botte finally started recording demos of the songs he had written either 20 years or 20 days ago. Michael Botte blends alt country and rock into a sound that takes you on a journey with catchy hooks and toe tapping beats.

Michael Botte’s music (produced by Bob Beals of Sound Foundation Studios), has enjoyed some fanfare success:

  • Charted at #1 on the World Indie Music Chart
  • Charted at #3 on the Euro Indie Music Chart
  • Charted at #1 (twice) on the “Radio Indie Alliance” top 10 music chart
  • Charted at #2 and #4 on the “Banks Music Promotion” top 10 music chart
  • Placed on Philadelphia’s own “WDNF-Philly.com’s HOT 50 songs.”

Michael Botte was also featured in the September and October 2022 issues of the UK’s “Write Away Magazine…the lyric writer’s magazine” and his music has been played on 1000’s of radio stations across the globe.

Michael Botte and producer Bob Beals already have tracks “in the pipeline” for 2023 and beyond so it’s safe to say it’s an exciting time for the Pittsburgh PA native Michael Botte!






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