BIG Records List of Services

(A) ARTIST PAGE • The company will build a fully functional “artist page for” the owner, on the company web site. This is for the owners’ search engine optimization, driving big Records traffic to the owners’ platforms and showing the industry and fans that the owner is represented in the industry.

(B) SOCIAL MEDIA • The company will provide regular social media sharing, influencing and support from our entire team. In addition, our social media person will be providing connections, instruction and cross-marketing opportunities throughout our social eco-system. During radio, video or press releases, our team will provide constant organic sharing and marketing for the duration of the release.

(C) DISTRIBUTION (optional) • The owner has the choice of music distribution through our agreements with SONY/ORCHARD upon request. The owner may choose to remain with their own independent distribution including Distrokid, Tunecore or others, as Big Records are a non-exclusive entity. Using our distribution in part or whole is also an option.

(D) MARKETING • Big Records has many marketing avenues at its disposal, including Ad, SEO and brand specialists. Organic marketing associated with the release of a single, video, tour or news story are the springboard to launch marketing campaigns. These campaigns are planned in advance at least 2 months prior. The duration that they last, are discussed beforehand according to the needs of the owner, but normally a promotion campaign of 3 months is standard per single. The owner may engage our video editors at any time for short teasers or full length videos, however this would be an added cost, though it will include a substantial discount through big Records. In addition to organic marketing, Big Records has connections and partners that specialize in promotion in all platforms, from basic ones like FACEBOOK, SPOTIFY, YOUTUBE, SOUNDCLOUD and ITUNES, right on up to BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, SATELLITE RADIO, our partnership with CARNIVAL CRUISES, TELEVISION, THE JUNO’S, GRAMMY’S and more. Paid digital promotions are also available through our influencer program.

(E) BOOKING AGENTS • Big Records has multiple booking agents regionally, nationally and internationally to book shows, festivals and tours according to the needs of the owner. A 15-20% commission is the usual rate that the agents will charge for shows that they book for the owner. The owner has no obligation to pay commission on shows NOT obtained by Big Records or its affiliates. Tours can be booked through Big Records affiliate agents, our in-house promoters, sponsor reps and other connections, but most agents charge a booking fee for tours depending on how many shows and the size and scope of the shows. That is between the owner and the agent to negotiate directly.

(F) RADIO AIRPLAY • The company will provide 3 complimentary radio releases per year, accompanied by a press-release and marketing, magazines and more. Release dates are based upon the owner’s timetable. The company will provide radio airplay campaigns through our many partners, interviews on radio stations, podcasts/blogs, magazines and newspapers throughout the duration of the releases. Big records radio partners are also well-engaged to provide social media help and promotion alongside each release. In addition, Big Records has many charting radio networks throughout the world that can be accessed separately upon request.

(G) MERCH STORE (Optional) • The owner has the option of using your own merch store, or one that is created and administrated by the company. If the owner wishes to use your own merch store, that link can be provided to Big Records to help promote it. If the owner wishes to have Big Records create and administrate a merch store for you, the owner is still in full control of the creative design and price structure. Help with design and logos etc, can be given to the owner if needed.

(H) GRANT WRITER • The company uses several grant writer’s that can be called upon at any time for advice and consultation or to write grants. Depending on the size and scope of the grant, the owner may want to have the grant writer(s) help or even write the grant. In some cases, for larger grants an added fee may be required. We are also available to review and contribute to marketing plans which are needed for all grants.

(I) SPONSORSHIP & FUND-RAISING • The company will work with the owner to obtain sponsor opportunities, charities, endorsements and funding opportunities with our team of experienced sponsorship people. In cases where the company attains funding for the owner through sponsors, the company may retain a percentage of the funding, to be negotiated at the time, but the company will only receive this commission on funds in which the company aided in the process. In cases where the company attains products or endorsements for the owner, the owner will receive the products in full, with no obligation to the company. The owner and company agree to thank sponsor(s) through social media and when possible newsletters and press.

(J) TV & FILM PLACEMENTS • The company will organically pitch the owners’ music to music supervisors for commercials, films, video games and other forms of media. The owner will retain full control and ownership of all of their music and copyright. The owner is in no way bound to exclusively use the company to attain licensing opportunities as it is a non-exclusive licensing and placement agreement. The company only receives commission on publishing opportunities that it brings to the owner. The publishing split for each opportunity is usually between 20-50% depending on the music supervisor and their agreement. The owner always has the right to refuse or accept each opportunity as it comes.

(K) GRAPHICS • The company employs a professional graphics team that can take care of all the owners’ needs for logos, posters, online graphics, merch design, resizing etc. The owner can use its own graphics OR the company graphics team. Small projects are included within this contract, but larger projects may include an additional charge depending on the size and scope of the design.

(L) NEWSLETTER • Big Records releases our newsletter monthly. It has a vast outreach to many industry people and fans internationally and also reaches magazines and blogs etc. This will also then be promoted throughout our social media eco-system. This extends to the owners’ sponsors, charities and endorsees.

(M) CONSULTATION • The company owner and head of operations Mark Rosner acts as your personal consultant, using his decades of experience and connections to help further your career in all areas needed. This includes direct communication and leads, ideas and connections throughout the year agreement. Big Records holds as one of it’s core values that relationships and connections are key to an artists career.

(N) RISEUP TV • The owner will be given first priority to be included in the RiseUP TV tours and filming as tours are announced and before it goes public. RiseUP TV is a worldwide television show with a growing audience and powerful distribution and marketing reach. A separate agreement and waiver will be presented and explained in full upon interest by the owner. These shows are distributed worldwide and pay royalties according to television performing rights societies and streaming revenue.

(O) OTHER OPPORTUNITIES • The company has many opportunities that are presenting themselves on an on-going basis. Two of these include Guitar’s n Stars and the RiseUP concert series to name just two. Big Records also regularly works with tech companies, non-profits and more, to create new opportunities that are emerging in the music business. The owner will be given first priority on the ones that are appropriate in the owners’ genre and location. A separate agreement will be tabled for the ones that fit the owner and it will be the owner’s choice which ones to participate in.

(P) DISCOUNTS • The owner will be given an exclusive discounts that can be used in purchasing goods and services from the many sponsors and small businesses associated with the company. The company is involved with a worldwide group of companies ranging from music equipment, to travel and direct order food companies and more.

(Q) NON-EXCLUSIVITY • The owner is free to pursue all opportunities and contracts with third-party companies or individuals. The owner will be encouraged to consult with the companies team on any and all aspects of the entertainment business but is not obligated to do so.