T-Money – Know Tha Feeling – Single Release

Hip Hop Artist T-Money Is Getting Ready to Drop His New Single – “Know Tha Feeling (Remix)” is the track and T-Money blazes into high gear with this release.

MARSHALL, Texas – Feb. 22, 2023 – PRLog — Tyson Manning alias T-Money’s music has been all about bridging the punch of modern hip hop and the grit of the golden age sound- going for catchy, yet direct and edgy approach. T-Money delivers stylish flows mixed with his hip-hop voice’s vibrancy. Standing tall as one of Texas’ leading rap voices, he outspokenly expresses a self-empowered righteous swagger, personality, and knack for creating innovative sounds that are currently putting him on the map.

T-Money has continually matured as an artist, evolving from just a young, inexperienced street disciple to a masterful vet. The streets raised him, going on to inspire the high degree of literacy that would later characterize his rhymes. He feels that delving into street culture, gang crime, school, drugs, and flirting with danger similarly characterized his rhymes.

His synthesis of impeccably crafted rhetoric and street-glamorous imagery is set to blossom further following the fiery verses he has laid down on his latest single, “Know Tha Feeling (Remix),” which is set to officially drop on February 24th, 2023.

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