Sarina Haggarty Waste Of Time Album Release Party

Sarina Haggarty is ready for a Party – “Waste of Time” is ready for the Album Release Party TONIGHT

LONDON, Ontario – Feb. 24, 2023 – PRLog — Canadian singer/songwriter Sarina Haggarty is excited to deliver to you her brand new album that is definitely not a ‘”Waste Of Time”. It was almost a year ago that the first single track from the album was released for its worldwide radio debut.

Try and convince myself that’s not who you are, I don’t trust anymore, screams the cry for anyone who has been scorned and needs to learn to allow the ‘circle of trust’ factor to happen again.  Relationships. How can I trust you? How can I trust myself? Will you just be another Waste of Time. In a society where we try to elevate ourselves to effectively read toxic denominators in our lives, where is that balance when we can trust someone enough to know that they aren’t a psychopath, a narcissist or even a Cult Leader?

When can we allow ourselves to freely love someone again? Deep down I don’t think this could last. You try and change the past. Will you trust? Can you trust? Sarina Haggarty’s words hit home to make the listener sing in their hearts: When does love, mean love. What if this could work?

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