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Gary Matheny

Gary Matheny is a multi-talented songwriter from Cleveland, Tennessee with a fan base that encompasses the world. In 2020 he released his first album “Not Looking Back” and in 2022 he once again went into the studio to record his second album, “Renaissance Man.”

Gary’s music career began at the age of 12 years learning guitar from his best friend. After playing in a couple of garage bands he laid his music aside. In 2016, he again picked up his guitar and began writing and submitting his songs to various contests, publishers and utilizing social media to create a fan base. He and his music has been featured in numerous digital magazines, he has been the guest on several podcasts and the awards have been numerous.

His style of music has crossed over from jazz, to country and southern rock genres. He was awarded the Songwriter of the Year in 2022 (International Singer Songwriter Association) an international grouping with over 18k members.

He was the Most Promising Country Songwriter (North American Country Music Association Int’l 2022). His song Solo Dos Gatos won Best Song World Artist in 2021 and that same year Exit 10 received Best Modern Country Song, both World Songwriting Awards-to name a few.


Gary Matheny has been a pleasure to work with. His interesting songs, as well as his stylistic vocals, are a nice combination for the listeners. You’ll be able to feel like your enjoying the sandy beaches, driving down the road, or sitting in a Cantina when you listen to his music.

Keep your eyes open for this talented singer/songwriter.

Gary Sadker
PRESIDENTRed Ridge Entertainment

I’ve been in this thing called the “Music Business” for a long time now!!!! Guys like Gary Matheny… who write incredible songs and have them produced with top of the line musicians… don’t get the opportunity to be heard like they should! Songs that harken back to styles that will take you on musical journeys through purple hazes of mushroom marmalade… and that’s without any pharmaceutical enhancement!

Matheny’s music is killer!!!! I’ve been a fan for quite a while! Given the strength of the songs and the talent of the songwriting… everybody should be finding out about Gary Matheny!

Brian Hedges
Award Winning Songwriter & Grammy Winning Producer

Gary Matheny is a story teller. Not a liar, a story teller. Gary is an excellent lyricist. He has the ability to take you on a journey with his writing and lyrics. On our projects, I would come up with a tune and Gary would fit in the words. Gary has the ability to create a mini vacation with his songs, giving the listener a place to retreat. That’s a honor among songwriters for listeners to get lost in your music. I think Gary is just getting started. He’s laid a good foundation.

Lee JordanSinger/Songwriter

Gary Matheny is like no other artist I’ve ever worked with. I remember thinking as we put each song together, that his music was reminiscent of the group America from the 70’s. As we worked in the studio, I knew that we were working on music that was very unique. He has developed his own sound that many will find refreshing. I wish him well on his musical journey.

Stan WilliamsonProducer and Arranger