“A Thousand Highways” video from Special Agent Sunshine

Special Agent Sunshine Release the Official Music Video for “A Thousand Highways”. The sunshine will be delivered and can be yours on January 27th with the worldwide radio release of “A Thousand Highways”.

VICTORIA, British Columbia – Jan. 17, 2023 – PRLog — A casual meeting back in November 2021 saw a kind of friendship struck between M-Rock and BiPolaRMan, and that friendship quickly spiraled into a musical connection that gave birth to the spectra rock outfit Special Agent Sunshine. Fronted by BiPolaRMan who is the lead vocalist and performer, with M-Rock handling the production side of the business, Special Agent Sunshine exudes the high musicianship, enthusiasm, and sincerity that make the music they perform infectious and joyful. From the performance that I’ve just heard in their debut single “A Thousand Highways,” it’s pretty obvious that they love timeless standards, and BiPolaRMan has got the voice and phrasing to make them sound fresh and relevant!

Special Agent Sunshine have just released the official music video to their upcoming debut single “A Thousand Highways” which will be officially available on all major platforms as of January 27th, 2023.

“A Thousand Highways” is a powerful pop-rock anthem that starts slowly and, as it builds, picks up both in melody and lyrics. The tune has a unique combination of clean guitar notes countered with subtly distorted riffs. BiPolaRMan has got those confident vocals that pertain to the genre appeal of pop-rock, and he definitely knows how to make an anthem out of his lines.

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