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The Southern Outlaws Band

The Southern Outlaws Band is from Northeast Ohio, formed of five-members. Our band was formed in October of 2020 during the pandemic. We have twelve songs released at this time, with six of those songs being originals written by members of the band. The other six are cover songs that we have all rights and permissions from the original artist. We released our first album “The Southern Outlaws” within the first year of joining the stage.

The chemistry between all five members is what makes this band like a family.

Each member has their own style they bring into the band, and it works very well, making it extremely easy to put on a great show for our fans. We have won two WSA awards and one International Songwriters Award, we won 2022 International Song of the year with “Louisiana Water”. We are nominated for 2022 JMA Southern Rock group of the year in Nashville, Tn.

Our national sponsors currently include, Clayton Picks USA, Gone Country Hats, Budweiser, and we are Brand Ambassadors of Makers Mark Bourbon along with many other great sponsorship partners.

We are currently being heard on over 180 radio stations around the world, our Southern Outlaws album is available on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, I-Heart Radio, just to name a few. We have done an interview with Will Nunzita from New York for Fenix 360, being our first all member radio/skype interview in April.

We will be featured in the FPCM magazine. We have also had an interview with Barbara and Grant on Galaxy 107.9 in New Zealand, also Level-Up Cleveland interview, both are available for viewing on YouTube.

Arlis Walker – Front Man
Dave Weilacher II – Lead Guitarist
Bob Furda – Lead Guitarist
Tim Williams – Bassist
Mike Bright Jr. – Drums