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Jody Watson

Jody Watson is a Contemporary Christian & Country singer, songwriter, recording artist and evangelist. He wrote all the music and lyrics on his debut album entitled “Thank You God for My Momma”.

God has always been a profound influence in Jody’s life, but as a young man, he struggled to find his place in the world. He had a big dream and was working to make it a reality when one evening as he sat on his bed, a bright light engulfed him and a warm sensation came over his body. Jody knew in his heart that God was boldly speaking to him, an experience that changed his life. This divine inspiration from the Holy Spirit given through revelation prompted him to write “I Thought I Was Alone”.

Jody taught himself guitar when he was moved to write a tribute song to his mom for all she endured and sacrificed raising him and his younger brother. Linda Watson, was a single mother working multiple jobs to support and nurture her two children and keep her family together. She wanted to raise her children with strong moral characters and made sure her family attended The Joy Baptist Church every Sunday.

Jody became a member of the Children’s Choir which he loved and provided him inspiration. At age 12, Jody accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior in that church. The hard work and dedication of his mother and the hardships they endured influenced his album’s title track.

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