Junkyard Heights to unveil their new single “Beans & Whiskey”

The band have grown into their sonic skin, fleshing out new riffs and lyrics.

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – Feb. 5, 2023 – PRLog — Junkyard Heights are ready to dominate the rock scene once again.

“Beans & Whiskey” is the second BIG Records radio release for this band and they are in fine rock form.  The band believes two things are important for them to deliver a great song. It is music that will capture your attention, but it is also the relevance of the lyrics that will get you calling for introspection.

Junkyard Heights are pretty excited to deliver their latest single.  Beans & Whiskey will be available on all streaming platforms for your listening bliss on February 7th. This is the follow up to their highly successful single “Rusty Truck”.

Junkyard Heights started as an acoustic, cover band, Wheelhouse in 2018. They had such great success playing together, that they decided to start writing some original material. Their chemistry shined through, from the stage and to the studio. As the material started to flow, the band continued to write. With many different influences, Junkyard Heights prides themselves on having a multi-genre sound they call, Dirt Rock.

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