Glen Cain knows the Secret to Longevity in Country Music

International Country Superstar Glen Cain knows the Secret to Longevity in Country Music. “Hold Back The Dawn” is set to makes its’s worldwide radio debut January 31st. He is also heading to Tennessee for the NACMAI award show.

KALKASKA, Mich. – Jan. 28, 2023 – PRLog — As someone whose love for country was inspired while he was still a young boy watching his uncle play the guitar and listening to some of his favorite musicians on the radio, Glen Cain has surely come a long way to cement his place as the 11th most popular country music artist in Europe with accolades such as the 2022 North American Country Music Association Male Vocalist, and Rising Star Entertainer of the Year to his name.

“Hold Back the Dawn” is the single release from Glen Cain that will be making it’s worldwide radio appearance on January 31st with BIG RECORDS. This is an intimately touching and expressively moving country ballad that has exactly the right amount of instrumental and vocal dosage to bring gratification to a craving heart. This tune is actually very calm, with refreshingly laid-back melodies and harmonies that are in perfect sync with the mellow tones, and by the end of it, what you get is a fully realized and emotionally grabbing piece of magic that you can listen to over and over again without ever getting bored.

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